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The Study Of ADD And ADHD

            The Study of Attention Deficit Disorder .
             Attention Deficit Disorder With Hyperactivity .
             The purpose of this paper is to review the contemporary literature related to the cooccurrence of attention-deficit disorder (ADD), with and without hyperactivity, and specific learning disabilities. Factors common to children with either learning disability or attention deficit disorder as compared to common features of children diagnosed as having both ADD and learning disability are presented.
             Attention disorders are now recognized as the most common neurobehavioral disorder of childhood. This disorder affects children .
             from as early as infancy through school age into adult life. It has been noted form research studies ten to twenty percent of the school age population is affected. It is agreed among psychologists and researchers that attention disorders are prevalent disorders that brings with it significant mobility. It has been difficult to obtain a consensus on basic attributes of the disorder. Constructs such as inattention, impulsively and hyperactivity have replaced the more global brain-damage syndromes and diagnosis's that have characterized .
             Johnson, pg. 2.
             children with behavioral and learning difficulties. Research acknowledges that learning disability and attention deficit disorder (ADD) frequently co-occur. In addition children diagnosed as ADD include "learning disorder" and "academic underachiever (Maynard, 1999). .
             The history where attention disorders stemmed from began in 1845. Heinrich Hoffman, a German physician wrote comical children's .
             story designed to teach moral lessons. At the turn of the century in 1902 George Still, a British pediatrician reported hyperactive symptoms in children he was treating in his practice. The pediatrician believed the symptoms stemmed from a biological basis (Hunter, 1995). Research continued in 1937 from the insights made by Dr.

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