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The Reality Of The Prison Walls; Fair Or Unfair?

            "The Reality of the Prison Walls; Fair or Unfair?".
             The story "Past Present" by Jimmy Santiago Baca is a story of the prison system and the unfairness that he had seen during his time in there. The prison system to him is considered "unjustified". They have caused him to become a person that he does not even recognize. Throughout his story, we learn that the prison system harms one emotionally, physically, and even mentally. The prison system is justified to some and unjustified to others. However, Gary S. Becker would disagree with the statements that were presented by Baca. In Becker's article "Book "Em", Becker says that the prison system actually solves the problems. He states, " Prisons have actually helped people as well as decreased the crime rate in America" (Becker 1). What is the prison system and what does it do to those that are captured behind its walls? The prisons are overcrowded with those with just cause and those with unjust cause, there is an issue that needs to be handled and right away.
             Baca gives us reasons to believe that the prisons are harmful to one's inner child as well as the outer self. He says that being confined in walls only makes one worsen with the chance to come back. It gives prisoners a negative intake instead of a positive perspective. I do agree that holding a person only worsens the situation. One whom has committed a crime should have a penalty, but not prison right off the back. There are other ways to treat one whom has done something wrong. There is enough room in the world and enough of the taxpayers" money to build facilities where one can be rehabilitated for the crime that they have committed. The facility would give them a better perspective and a positive look at the future, the motivation to move on and stay on the right track.
             Becker would most likely disagree. He believes that the prisons are doing their jobs. But are they really decreasing the crime rate? I disagree with Becker totally.

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