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The Rise And Fall Of John Gotti

            John Gotti's life is an amazing story, it's not amazing because he was the boss of the biggest crime family in America, but because of the way he rose and fell from grace. "John Gotti grew up in a poverty environment in Brooklyn, and came from a family that included eleven brothers and sisters, and parents who struggled to make ends meet" (Stengel 2). It was in Brooklyn, that Gotti, begun running errand for gangsters, and eventually rose to leadership of his own gang called the Fulton-Rockaway Boys. It was here that John Gotti, met Angelo Ruggiero, and Willie Boy Johnson, two soldiers that would follow Gotti for years to come (Stengel 3). In 1968 Gotti, Ruggiero, and Johnson were caught hi-jacking near JFK Airport, and the result was a four-year prison sentence. Once Gotti got out of prison in 1972, he met Neil Dellacroce, and important underboss to Carlo Gambino, and this would out be one of the most influential persons in John Gotti's life. .
             "Neil Dellacroce took Gotti under his wing and eventually brought him into the Gambino family, which is the biggest organized crime family in America" (Worsnop 2). In 1973, Carlo Gambino (the boss of the Gambino family) had a nephew that was kidnapped and held for $100,000 ransom, and then murdered. Gotti, Ruggerio, and another solider shot the kidnapper at a pub in front of several witnesses. Police caught Ruggiero and later arrested Gotti in connection to the murder. Fortunately for Gotti, Carlo hired a top lawyer to represent Gotti, and the charge was reduced to manslaughter. Carlo Gambino was very pleased with Gotti's loyalty, and ability to "whack" anyone when called upon. While Gotti was serving time in jail for the murder, Carlo Gambino suffered a heart attack and eventually died. While on his deathbed, he made a major decision that would eventually lead to total chaos in the Gambino family. Carlo had to choose a successor and many people in the family expected Neil Dellacroce to be named boss because he was underboss and very street smart, but instead of Dellacroce he chose Paul Castellano.

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