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The Veldt

            Short Story Fact Sheet : The Veldt .
             The Veldt is the name of the short story and it's author is Ray Bradbury. The Veldt is .
             a room in the Hadley's house where the children spend most of there time. It's a very .
             futuristic home. Lydia never has to do any house workor even cook , everything is taken .
             care of. There house is also sound proof and George is very proud of it. Lydia's idea of .
             taking a vacation is shutting down the house and doing house work and cooking. That would .
             be the opposite of anyone else with a regular house. The house clothed , fed and rocked them .
             to sleep even played and sang songs with them. In the nursery the walls purred, and an African .
             veldt appeared. The ceiling became a deep sky with a hot yellow sun and was a very expensive .
             George Hadley is the father , he thinks that nothing is too good for his children. .
             George felt that every home should have a nursery. He disagree's with Lydia when she .
             persist's on giving the house a vacation because that was the reason for buying the house , so .
             everything is taken care of. George is the type of father that would give anything to the .
             children all they have to do is ask.
             Lydia thought that the nursery needed a change and it wasn't the same anymore. She .
             felt really strong about shutting the house down for a vacation, but it didn't happen. Lydia is a .
             smoker , and George feels that she has been smoking too much recently. Lydia wants to lock .
             the children out of the room for a little while because she feels there is something wrong. The .
             kid's aren't really listening to their parents and spending too much time in Africa.
             Wendy is the daughter of George and Lydia. She spends most of her time in the .
             nursery along with her brother. They both love the nursery and feel like they can't live .
             without it. Wendy didn't want her mom and dad to shut it down. Wendy is a ten year old girl .
             with cheeks like peppermint candies and eyes like bright blue marbles.

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