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science non-fiction

             Utopia: At what price does it come? At what price should it come? Does anyone know? Should we give op all of our freedoms?.
             Science and Technology are at the center of the world. It is unavoidable no matter where you go or who you are. It has taken over the planet and no one can put a stop to it. This is the truth, not some cheaply made Star Trek rip-off film. It's the reality of the society we live in today. Some people say it allows us more freedom. Some say it gives us a way to communicate instantly from across the globe. Or that the great advances in science will lead to the curing of such diseases as cancer and leukemia, and be able to cure paralysis and replace amputated limbs and other body parts. All of this is true, but what will these advances lead to? The Veldt by Ray Bradbury shows a great example of the possible dangers involved in technological advances. In the field of Science, Brave New World by Aldous Huxley and "Rappaccini's Daughter" by Nathaniel Hawthorne show how tampering with the biological make-up of human cells, it is possible to control an entire population without any serious effort. Although these two literary works were written some time ago, their messages ring just as true today (and probably more realistic) as they did when they were first written. Perhaps they are categorized as fiction because they are not real as of now, but I see them as non-fiction because the basic elements they present are ever so present in our society.
             Technology is a bitter sweet luxury. In our 21st century, we can instantly call a friend or family member from anywhere we want, no matter where they are. The invention of the cell phone created an instant necessity within the world population. The internet, where and individual can talk to someone in another country instantly. All of the reasoning for having our technology has some drawbacks. Someone can easily gain private information about someone the moment they sign onto the internet.

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