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Human Inventiveness and Fates Worse Than Death

            In Fates Worse Than Death, an autobiographical collage of the 1980's, the reader .
             gets acquainted with a Kurt Vonnegut non fiction postmodern narration. Vonnegut .
             normally, like partly in this lecture, combines science fiction, social satire and black .
             comedy. In this case he clarifies, with a satirical and ironical tone, the inevitable fate of .
             death which every living organism sooner or later has to face.
             Vonnegut illustrates a fate which seems to be worse than death like cruzifixion and .
             others which at first seem worse than death like the results of our inventiveness or .
             slavery. Vonnegut demonstrates ironical how politics and how science could be used to .
             create effects not always beneficial to humankind. In this paper i will examine the .
             possible consequences of our inventiveness that could evolve to particular subjects and .
             issues in the future which could be regarded in some sense as fates worse than death.
             Over decades there have been several inventions that have influenced us or have .
             become part of our lives. The invention of the cigarette, or tabacco in general, is .
             certainly an invention which has had a greater influence on mankind. If we take a good .
             look around in our everyday living environment we will recognize that the majority of .
             our fellow citizens consume nicotin. Although it has been proven that smoking can cause .
             different kinds of diseases like lung cancer. Furthemore if you start smoking at an early .
             age as a teenager you could develop physically underdevelopment at a latter age. My .
             analysis is restricted to the existance of humankind.upon closer consideration of fates .
             that are caused by the inventiveness of humankind.
             A few decades ago the family structures were quite different.In earlier times there were .
             nearly always three generations living under the same roof and it was normal to take .
             care of the elderly yourself. Nowadays the fates of our older citizens are uncertain and .

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