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Hesiod's Creation and Greek Culture

            Myths have existed since ancient time and they tend to represent the culture that they came from so we can get to know those cultures even when we didn't live in them. Hesiod is one of the earliest and primary Greek Poet and a major source for Greek mythology. During his poem of the Creation, it reveals many aspects of ancient Greek culture that were parts of it for many decades. From this poem we can draw out three points that are relevant to Greek cultures. We can conclude how they had very intense father-son rivalry, also how they perceived woman and the importance of fate.
             In Hesiod's poem, father-son rivalry is something that constantly appears and has great impact on the rest of the stories. "(), the rivalry between fathers and sons even among the gods sets the tone for the Greek mythical system."(Thury 29) Because even amongst the gods the rivalry existed it was also a norm amongst human, especially since sons had to wait until they established themselves to get married. However, the only way for them to establish themselves was when they inherited their father's fortune which only came when the father passed away. Hence, making sons anxious and anticipating their father's death. Another example of father-son rivalry would be how the gods hid things from humans, since gods and humans have a father-son like relationship. "The fearfulness and selfishness of the gods to their own children make it appropriate that they should treat even helpless humans as a threat."(Thury 30) This rivalry relationship not only existed between gods but also between gods and human.
             Another important part of Greek culture and Greek mythology is the role of woman and the way they are depicted. Even though many things would indicate that women were "() relegated to a more minor role in the human family, as well as in the family of the gods."(Thury 30) However, many parts also indicate that Greeks felt that women were an essential and a major driving force in the Greek family and also amongst the gods.

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