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The Bean Trees

             In order to succeed and have a happy, fulfilled life one needs something or someone to help support and encourage them to grow. In Barbara Kingsolver's novel, The Bean Trees, she creates an implicit argument that a human being cannot thrive in isolation. Each character is strong in their own way but they still need someone by their side they can depend on and someone to depend on them. To thrive and prosper in life, one must have that added support to help find the true meaning of life and keep hope that there is something or someone to love and live for. .
             Taylor Greer is on an adventure to find a new identity for herself. In her hometown, which is in Kentucky, she does everything she can to not get pregnant and be stuck in a farmer town like all the other high schools girls ended up being. "Believe me in those days the girls were dropping by the wayside like seeds off a poppy seed bun" (Kingsolver pg.3). Ironically though, on Taylor's journey, she is given a small Indian child she eventually names Turtle. The two .
             of them struggle together to find a new life in Arizona. Turtle was abandoned and looking for security; Taylor came to her rescue and was willing to raise this child as her .
             own. Turtle who was abused, was a quiet and scared girl that clung to Taylor with all her strength. "The most amazing thing was the way that child held on. it attached itself to me by its little hands like roots sucking on dry dirt" (Kingsolver 22). This gave Taylor even more reason to continue her journey to find a better life. These two people needed each other in a time that was vulnerable for the both of them. As the novel goes on Taylor and Turtle help each other grow into strong individuals. "I picked up Turtle and gave her a hug. That's right, that's a bean. And you"re just about the smartest kid alive" (Kingsolver 97). The ironic thing about Turtle's first word being "bean" is that the beans are also working to survive and live off of something that needs them or wants them to live.

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