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US Foreign Policy With The United States And Russia

            Foreign policy between Russia and the United .
             States has been problematic since the end of World War II.
             In Germany, for example, Russia constructed the Berlin Wall.
             separating East and West Berlin against the will of the .
             United Nations. In the late 1950's and early 1960's, the .
             two countries engaged in nuclear weapons testing in the .
             atmosphere. 1The Bay of Pigs Invasion was an invasion of.
             Cuba, sponsored by the CIA, which attempted to overthrow .
             the "Castro Regime". It failed miserably.
             This invasion gave the Soviets an excuse to begin.
             shipping arms to Cuba in 1961. The Russian .
             President(Premier) had given the order to send the equipment .
             to start building nuclear weapons on the island of Cuba.
             2The United States government knew that the arms were being .
             shipped into Cuba, but they were not told that nuclear .
             weapons were included in several of the suspicious crates .
             that were photographed in some of the weekly reconnaissance .
             runs over Cuba. Because of this, foreign policy with the .
             Russians would never be the same.
             On Oct. 16,when President Kennedy was alerted .
             about the situation in Cuba he called together a meeting of .
             several of the highest-ranking advisors of the NSC(National .
             Security Council). This group became know as the Executive .
             Committee or Excomm. At this meeting, many different .
             courses of action were suggested. 3The military leaders, .
             led by General Maxwell Taylor, were in favor of an airstrike .
             and/or an invasion on Cuba in the next ten days, before the .
             missiles were operational. This would have caused some form .
             of retaliation from Krushchev, more than likely resulting in .
             thermo-nuclear war. .
             Others, including Attorney General Robert Kennedy .
             and Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, suggested a more.
             "diplomatic"; possibly a naval blockade, or quarantine, of .
             Cuba. This involved a wall of naval gunboats around the .
             island and cutting it off from Russian shipments. All .
             boats that were headed for Cuba would be boarded and .

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