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The Color Purple-(Celies Lost Hopes)

            Many people lose hope and therefore lose their dreams. If they would hold on to hope, their dreams might come to pass. Sometime hope is all you have. This is evident in the novel The Color Purple by Alice Walker. The main character, Celie, despite all of the hardships she faced, clung on to hope and little by little, they came to pass. She had all odds against her; an abusive stepfather, lost children, lack of physical beauty, little education, and a loveless marriage in which she was forced into. Through her letters to God, Celie, it was evident that Celie still had a hope that her dreams will be fulfilled.
             Celie was abused by her stepfather at the tender age of fourteen. She bore two children that he sold. Celie know he sold them although she told her mother that they died. She went through the heartache of never knowing her children and not being accepted by her sick mother even up until she died. Her stepfather put her on display for a friend who needed a wife for his children. Her stepfather put her down because of her looks by saying that she was ugly but a good worker and good with children and she did anything she was told to do. She was forced to marry this man whom she called Mr._____. Her new husband physically abused her and Celie never lashed back at him. She just did whatever he said.
             There were people that Celie knew or vaguely knew in her life that built up her hopes. Her sister Nettie, understood that Celie was smart and was having a difficult life. She ran away to live with Celie. When she arrived to Celie, she built up Celie's self esteem. She taught her what she learned in school because she was allowed to go. It seemed that Ceies hopes and dreams were dashed when her husband began eyeing Nettie. When he realized that that Nettie wanted nothing to do with him, he made her leave. Celie later received word that Nettie died.
             Another person that built up Celies hopes was a woman called Shug Avery who was a popular blues singer.

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