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1984 - Relations Of Totalitarianism

             Even though George Orwell's mind-numbing novel 1984 was written in 1929, he accurately predicted some societies outcome of a totalitarianism government. .
             In the book 1984, Winston Smith, a low member of the ruling party, lived and matured with the concept of a totalitarian government. The same totalitarian concept took place in Fascist Italy under the ruling of Benito Mussolini in the early 1900"s. Mussolini and Orwell's concepts and ideas intertwined in imagination. They both had the same notion, .
             Orwell's 1984 resembled a perfect totalitarian society. Outcomes of situations were beyond extreme, unimaginable to the modern day government. .
             Imagine living in a society in which you are completely restrained from having freedom. Winston lives life in Oceana, a city in London. A "party" that controls everything, such as history and language, continuously watches and controls him. An invented language called newspeak that was force to be used as member's native language. The party believes that newspeak "Prevents political rebellion by eliminating all words related to it." (Internet, Bartleby) "Even thinking rebellious thought is illegal, the worst of all crimes." Telescreens were the eyes of the party, not to mention anywhere you went you were reminded of the omniscient figure named Big Brother. The party used five different techniques to restrain citizens. .
             The first technique used was "Psychological Manipulation." Behavior of the members was monitored closely. Every time you turned around or went somewhere you were being constantly reminded that, "Big Brother is watching you" (Orwell 5). Children were inducted into an organization called the "Junior Spies". They were brainwashed and encouraged that it was okay to spy on their parents. When there was disloyalty to the party from adults their children were the most likely ones to submit them to punishment.
             The second technique used was "Technology.

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