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3 Best Court Cases

             to have a the Supreme Court? There are many different reasons for this such as declaring a law unconstituional or even hearing a case that the decision has been appealed that a court case gave. The Supreme Court is also decided many cases that helped the U.S. But the main cases the court has heard in my opion are " MALBURY V. MADISON", "FLETCHER V. PECK", and " MARTIN V. HIUNTER'S LESSEE".
             The court case Malbury v. Madison establised the Supreme Court's right to declare an congressional act unconsitiutional. This is very important to me cause with out it congress could pass laws that don't go along with the constitution and noone could do anything about it. We might not have any of the rights that the Constitution gives us. So Malbury V. Madison is one of the greatest court cases of Supreme Court history.
             Fletcher V. Peck gave Supreme Court the right to protect comtracts from legislative interference. The Court could overturn state laws that opposed spoecific provisions of the Constitution. This case is important to me because some of the laws states pass are not right and the Supreme Court can get rid of them. It is all around good and I like it. See the Supreme Court cases are awesome.
             The Martin v. Hunter's Lessee case is where the court can review cases heard by state courts. It is important to me cause you can go to the Supreme Court if you think that the State court did you wrong or made the wrong decision. So this is real important. I like this case a lot.
             If you ask me, the Supreme Court is one of if not the most important things in America and its history. The Supreme Court cases are important it does some stuff that without it we could not do.

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