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Helen keller

             Helen Keller was born on June 27,1880, in Tuscumbia, a little country in northern Alabama. When Helen Keller was eighteen months old, she got a severe illness, which was meningitis. After the illness, Helen had lost her sense of sight, hearing, and became mute. At age five, Helen Keller learned to fold and put away her clothes neatly, which was a difficult task for her to do, because she had lost her sense of sight. .
             Since she needed help, her loving family hired a tutor named Anne Sullivan. Anne Sullivan taught Helen the five senses that Helen was not familiar with. Anne Sullivan did this by taking a doll and pointing to her eyes, mouth, hands, nose, and ears. .
             Each body part of the doll was to represent each of the five senses. One day miraculously Helen said, "Tea, tea, tea." Her parents were very proud of her. .
             Whenever Helen was hungry and she would want bread, she would act out that she was cutting a slice of bread and would be buttering the slice. Whenever Helen wanted an ice cream, she would shiver and imitate like a working refrigerator. Helen use to eat with her hands when Anne Sullivan was not around her. .
             When Helen got older, she wrote a book called, The Story Of My Life, which is the one that I read. While growing up, Helen learned sign language. She also learned to feel around so she can get her way through. To be real good at both of these Helen Keller practiced a lot. Helen also was able to set up the table for dinner. .

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