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Acid Rain

             Humans have impacted the world more than any other species on the planet. By burning fossil fuels in factories, and automobiles acid rain is caused. In North America motorized vehicles let go about 50% of nitrogen oxides that help cause acid rain (Encarta). Acid rain has affected every part of the world, and it reacts with anything it comes in contact with. Not only does acid rain affect plant growth, soil, and water, but it also affects animals, monuments, and human health. First I will address how acid rain is formed, next what effect it has, and finally what we can do to pollute less. Acid rain affects almost everything.
             Acid rain is formed by burning fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas, and oil. While in the process of burning oxygen combines with nitrogen, carbon and sulfur to form hazardous oxides omitted into the air (Blair 150). These oxides travel through the air and mix with other chemicals, and water vapor. As the oxides mix with the vapors in the atmosphere, a chemical reaction forms sulfuric and nitric acid. The acids and oxides stay in the air until clouds or fog is produced. When snow or rain comes the acid comes with it. In the United States power plants are responsible for 70% of the sulfur dioxide pollution (Encarta). Acid rain falls over anything exposed to the weather. Some soils, rocks, lakes, or streams actually act to neutralize acidic pollutants on the ph scale. If there is acidity in the air, most of these do not neutralize as well as they could if there were no pollutants. Almost everything is affected negatively from acid rain.
             The thing that is most affected by acid rain is agriculture. The soil, trees, and farmland are all influenced. Acid rain washes away nutrients in the soil. With out the correct nutrients, plants are not able to grow to their potential (Little 130). Tree growth is slowed down. Sometimes the rain eats away the trees leaves.

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