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Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Man

            Does everyone know what things do men differ from women? Things, which differ between men and women, are their social life style, their thinking, their behavior, and their strength. If they both are different from each other then their responsibilities must be also different. In these responsibilities they both have some advantages and disadvantages. As men, they have advantages like, can get a good job, can work harder, are free to go anywhere, and don't have to worry about their kids. On the other hand, men also have some disadvantages; like, they have to have a job, have to handle their family's financial problems, men are more likely understood as tough and strong.
             One of the advantages that men have is that they are more likely to get good jobs. It was thought that if you were a man; you would be strong, aggressive, and tough, where as, women would be polite and soft; so men can work harder than women. In that way men could get good jobs easily compare to women. But now days in America, everything is changed; women and men get equal position in society. Nobody has hard time to get a job due to gender inequality. Everyone is hired by his/her qualification. Where as, in many countries, it is still believed that men are strong and women are soft; so women still have hard times to get jobs.
             Another advantage is that men have more freedom than women do. We all know that girls are more spoiled in their families than boys. If a sister fights with her brother, you are very likely to find the parents stand with the sister's side. Girls are given more attention and care than boys are. Boys are usually taught about how to face the hard life and how to be strong. However, boys can have one benefit out of this. They have more freedom than girls" do. I am allowed to go out with my friends more than my sister is. And again it's for the reason that my parents want me to face the hard life outside home.

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