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Demolition Man

            The construction of narratives elements plays very important role with in a feature film, as the established setting created along with film codes, creates the desired atmosphere or scene where the action takes place. Bromilla has careful used this combination to convey the veneer of entertainment, but has also illustrated the setting in a manner which reflects his personal attitudes to which the idea a utopian civilization is unattainable. In the exposition, the opening footage illustrates a panning shot of the Hollywood sign of fire, where sirens, helicopters and dramatic music can be heard in the background, which creates a warlike situation. From here a distant aerial camera shot of the of the chaotic city is filmed , where dark lighting and spot fires help create an apocalyptic atmosphere, where the viewer identifies the world as we know it can no longer be sustained because of the heightened level of crime. This violent and chaotic environment is juxtaposed and contrasted to the new world set in the year 2032. This futuristic environment is presented with a tilting shot of the city, where soft lighting combines with harmonious music to generate a tranquil atmosphere. With in the new world cars appear to flow, without traffic or congestion. The police station in this world is presented as a sterile and serene, where a monochromatic colour scheme of whites, greys and blues dominates. .
             This dull atmosphere is also apparent with in and around the society. As Bromilla uses grey and white costumes to symbolically suggest a de-humanising effect, where the originality and creativity of individuals is lost, as the people with in the new world blend in with dull buildings and machinery and become apart of the setting. This attitude of de-humanisation is again highlighted, as instructive dialogue is imitated from the machines, giving the impression that technology has been elevated to a personified position.

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