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Airline Deprivation

             The solution to the vicious terrorist attacks on our country was to return to regular business as usual and quickly as possible. Since the tragedy of September 11th, our nation's airports have undergone several security changes to prevent such a tragedy from happening again. Some of the changes are more obvious than others. Immediately following the attacks, airports began to have the National Guard present to ensure the safety of travelers. The airline industry has grown into many different industries. The industry itself has grown a great deal since it was first created, September 11 has brought many new problems that must be solved before the industry can go to any further level. Many airlines found themselves struggling to overcome the financial burden of the attacks. The government became responsible in the bailout of many of the air carriers. The administration began to make direct transfers of wealth from taxpayers to airline company shareholders. The airline bailout that soon would occur due to September 11th creates significant government entanglement within many industries. The government plan would not only put restrictions on the salary and severance packages of the industry executives but also would take equity stakes within the airline itself. The companies that have filed chapter 11 will continue to operate while they negotiate new structuring plans. In the end the government will seek to protect its investments by all means. .
             I believe that the terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington made it clear that our current commercial airline security is inadequate. How much of a further inconvenience must the flying public face before we are rid of the threat of further attack? Many people were more tolerant with the inconvenience's they would have flying post September 11th and accept the measures that were and have been created to ensure the protection of the flyer, if anything, the inconvenience is really necessary.

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