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             Did you know that Albuterol is the most efficient bronchodilator that has been invented? Albuterol is a drug that will help prevent an asthma attack and will stop an attack when it is happening. Albuterol is used as an inhalant, or can be used as a pill. The drug albuterol is a commercially produced product that has many companies that manufacture this drug, albuterols molecular weight and other information about the molecule. .
             Albuterol, invented in 1982 is a drug used in medicine. Albuterol prevents exercise-induced asthma, bronchospasm, and prevention of premature labor. This drug saves countless lives each day, if you are having an asthma attack then you can inhale the aerosol form of albuterol, this will stop the attack nearly immediately. Out of all of the existing bronchodilators albuterol has the least side effects. Some of the side effects are tremors, anxiety, insomnia, headaches, dizziness, restlessness, hallucinations, and irritability. If someone has had an overdose of albuterol they must be administered an adrenergic blocker to counteract with the albuterol and stop any reactions.
             Albuterol, when inhaled causes bronchodilation by increasing the levels of cAMP, used to relax smooth muscles into the pulmonary receptors. Then it produces CNS, a cardiac stimulant this increases the gastric acid secretion in the body. When all these steps are finished witch does not take a ling time to do but will depend of how severe of an attack that it is. The pill form of albuterol is far different, you simply take one small pill in the morning and you should not have an attack all day. The other way that albuterol can administered is by a nebulizer, a nebulizer is a far more powerful dosage than any pill or aerosol form of albuterol. The medication comes in liquid form in small breakaway containers. To use this devise you must open and poor the liquid into the small cup inside the nebulizer, then you connect a mouthpiece and turn the machine on.

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