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All Wrapped Up In Condom Distribution

            All Wrapped Up In Condom Distribution.
             When one hears this word, what does he or she think of? Most individuals do not think of unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases, instead they think of pleasure and fun. With the rather dramatic increase of teenage pregnancies and the higher rates of sexually transmitted diseases in recent years, the distribution of condoms in high schools has become a prevalent and controversial issue among people of all ages. Many parents feel that the school should not be the place to be handing out condoms, and the schools believe that if the parents remain unwilling to help the student, then they should. By the end of high school, about one-half of all students will be sexually active, and only fifty-four percent of those will be using condoms on a regular basis (Biggerstaff 1). In some high schools, a nurse upon request of a student can issue contraceptives; an idea that seems to be catching on very quickly. Not only do condom distribution programs help protect teens from unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases, but it also provides a sense of reality. Many parents look down at teenage sexuality and with the schools becoming aware that kids have sex; it keeps the parents out of the picture. Condoms should be distributed in schools for the purpose of protection for the students.
             Opponents of condom distribution in schools believe that issuing condoms to teenagers in schools does not prove to be a valuable idea because it gives the impression that schools promote sexual activity amongst its students. Most teenagers remain too immature for sex and by the school distributing condoms it endorses sex. Another argument against the schools concerns the parents and their personal rights; they feel it should be their place when to tell their children about sex. The parental rights movement, which was born in 1993, feels that the school distribution programs seem "family unfriendly" and they look to put them to an end (Fifield 1).

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