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Condom Distribution

             In an ever-changing world, we as a society must yield to old ways and begin change according to today's values, morals, and reality. One hot topic in today's government and high school hallways is the issue of condom distribution rights. In the following pages I will defend the value of sexual safety for the individual and their communities. Throughout my paper I will convince the reader that condom distribution along with proper education is the proper policy that our country needs to seek. Along with these two components our communities will notice rapid change in sexual knowledge and practices. .
             The United States is in a current dilemma. Many advocates apt for change through teaching abstinence as a control of STD's and pregnancy rates. However, polls show us that America's teen are sexually active more and more often then we want to believe. In a recent poll nearly 80% of all teens age 15-19 have had at least one sexual encounter, leading to over 46, 000 pregnancies in that category alone. Why is the United States government so blind of these figures? How will teaching abstinence help these 80% who are already sexually active? In 1996 Congress allocated $50 million to fund an abstinence-until-marriage education in high schools. These actions suggest that the primary goal of this country is preventing teenagers from .
             having sex, not preventing disease and pregnancy from the 80% who are sexually active. This could in fact lead to current sexually active teens to feel morbid about their sexuality and decrease the amount of protected sex they have because of feelings of guilt. North America has the highest rates of teenage pregnancy, STD transmission, and out-of-wedlock births. Many say this is related to the suppressed nature that the United States uses to discuss sex, if ever done. The fact that many teens are prohibited from having sex prior to marriage is definitely correlated with the sexual climate in this country.

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