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            Virginia history is filled with many accomplishments, which resulted into establishing a whole new nation. Virginia is where many historical events took place and is the main foundation during the colonial period. Before settlers came to America many Indian tribes dominated almost all North America. In Virginia the Algonquian speaking Indians called the "Powhatans" controlled most of this territory. This Indian tribe occupied the coastal plain of Virginia or what is now called the Tidewater area of this state. Chief Powhatan, the leader of this Algonquian Indian tribe ruled nearly all of eastern Virginia. Supposedly his daughter Pocahontas is well known throughout this time in history for saving a colonist named John Smith being put to death by her father. There are many myths about this particular rescue that has even escalated in saying Pocahontas and John Smith had a romantic relationship. The only data we could go by is only what historians have researched and documents we have found relevant to that particular time. I believe Pocahontas played a major role during the colonial period and tried to keep peace between the English settlers and the Indians. There are more interesting facts about her life besides the myth about her and John Smith. Pocahontas should be known more about her strength and generosity towards the English settlers. She was a great heroine during the colonial period and should be respected on how she kept peace between these two different civilizations and she should also noted for accepting the English culture unlike other native Americans. The Indian princess lived a very short life but also an interesting one.
             First I will discuss the Powhatan's way of life and their actions that were completely different from the English culture. The Indians in Virginia lived very well by hunting, gathering, and fishing. Farming was a necessity but was done in a way that the English settlers thought was very strange.

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