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             Pocahontas, who was she and what was her role in history?.
             Pocahontas one of many daughters of the Native American chief Powhatan was born in Werawocomoco, which is now Wicomico, in Gloucester County, Virginia, around the year 1595. Her real name was Matoaka, but that name was only used within her tribe. Native Americans believed harm would come to a person if outsiders learned of their tribal name, the name Pocahontas means "playful one." Pocahontas was of a powerful chief named Powhatan, who ruled more than 25 tribes. .
             Pocahontas, along with fellow tribe members watched the Englishmen who settled in the Chesapeake Bay area in 1607, build a fort and search for food. Later on, Powhatan's brother Opechancanough captured John Smith. Smith was brought to Powhatan, who decided he must die for causing danger to tribe members. As said by many people Pocahontas saved cap tin John Smith's life by cradling his head in her arms and preventing him from being beaten to death by her father's warriors. But some people doubt the story which is not recorded in his journal.
             In 1624, Pocahontas was taken from her tribe by the Englishmen to England. She was treated fairly during her imprisonment and lived in the home of a minister. During this period of time, Pocahontas converted her native religion to Christianity and was baptized with the new name Rebecca. While being apprehended in Jamestown, Pocahontas met a distinguished Englishman named John Rolfe. The two fell in love and intended to marry. The marriage was blessed by Virginia governor, Sir Thomas Dale, as well as Chief Powhatan. Even though the chief did not attend the wedding ceremony, he sent others in his place and a pearl necklace for his daughter. In 1615 Pocahontas had her first child which she named Thomas. The following year, the family went to England where they met the king and queen of England and was acknowledged with royal honor.

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