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Americans And Disabilities

            Millions of Americans deal with different disabilities throughout their life. Some disabilities are mental, while others are physical disabilities. There are some disabilities that are still being discussed about whether they are disabilities or not. Despite this, Americans are still able to cope with disabilities. There are many laws, interest groups, court rulings, and future rulings and laws that will shape American's perspective of the disabled. .
             There are several laws that have been passed to help both the physically and mentally disabled. The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act), and the Fair Housing Act, all help people with disabilities.
             The ADA is the most known disability act. The act covers both physical and mental disabilities. The law is intended to stop stigma and discrimination in the status quo. It provides guidelines that show how to accommodate for people with disabilities. The act is divided into five sections that covers all American life. Each part covers a specific area such as education and employment. The act basically insures equal treatments to people that are physically or mentally disabled. The act has been debated, because critics believe that the act is unconstitutional. Critics charge that the law does exactly what is meant to do. They claim that the law actually increases stigma and discrimination. They say, that by labeling a person as disabled, it actually increases discrimination in the current system. Another argument is that the employers that are actually taken to court almost always win. Several cases have been to Supreme Court concerning the constitutionality of the act. Another act that is quite important is the IDEA. The IDEA insures that all disabled children receive a good education designed specifically to meet their needs. The opponents of the act say that it is impossible to enact the law in such a way that every disabled child will receive equal education.

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