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Armenian Genocide_The First Genocide Of 20th Century

            April 24 marks the anniversary of a horrible tragedy, the first genocide of 20th century, the Armenian Genocide. On this day, Armenians throughout the world remember the horrible tragedy of 1.5 million lives lost throughout the years of 1915 to 1923. Although Turkish governments always denied the charges, relaying on undeniable documents and eyewitness accounts many historians as well as many governments officially assert that the Turkey is responsible for the crimes it committed to Armenian people. The countries that recognize the Armenian Genocide are France, Russia, Sweden, Greece , Argentina the EU parliament and others.
             The Genocide happened in the early years of the 20th century, when the fate of Ottoman Empire was closing to its end. Using the excuse of chaotic situation during the years of WWI, Turkish government accomplished its long waited plan, the annihilation of Armenian population of Western Armenia. During those years Armenia was not independent. Eastern Armenia was part of Russia and Western Armenia was under the rule of Ottoman Empire. In 1908, a young group of Turkish nationalists called Young Turks took charge of the Turkish government. The Turkish nationalists had one big dearm and that was creation of a Great Turkey that was extended from Istanbul to the lands beyond Caspian see. Turks dream was to unite all the different tribes and nations who had roots similar to Turks and might be united under the Turkish Empire. But there was one problem. Armenians were on the way. Geographically, Armenia was on the way of this plan since it was located between Turkey and Azerbaijan in Caucasia. In 1915 the Young Turk government proceeded with its plan to exterminate the Armenians. .
             The plan started when the Young Turkish government announced mobilization of forces for WWI in the summer of 1914. Armenians of military age were also drafted into service. Tens of thousands wore the uniform of the Turkish armed forces.

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