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Atomic Bomb

            World War two was a time of invention and a time of hostility. The cause of this hostile environment was the creation of the atomic bomb. The atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was not necessary in defeating Japan in World War two. Many innocent lives were lost in an overaggressive use of force by the United States. Today Americans celebrate the dropping of the bomb, believing it was a crucial step in winning the war. However by examining other military strategies, looking at the intentions, and seeing the effects it had on the future, it is certain that dropping the atomic bomb should be an embarrassment to the United States.
             There were many other military options, which could have been carried out other than bombing Japan. The decision was not merely a yes or no answer. Japan may have surrendered unconditionally without the use of force. Both the United States and Japan were already aware that Japan was near defeat. The United States had offered a very strict ultimatum to the Japanese government issued from Potsdam in July 1945. It had referred to the retention of the emperor as a constitutional monarch, and a quick surrender. Japan's religion and belief system was now at steak by changing the status of their great monarch. This would personally anger all citizens of Japan and would take time to rally an organized response. Japan felt they had little time to react to such a big issue and still may have negotiated peace without all the violence and death. Another option could be to give Japan a demonstration of the power they held. Truman, who was president at this time, could have invited Japanese President Kantaro to America to witness the destructive power of the new warhead. Or the States could have warned Japan of their fate by giving Kantaro an opportunity to evacuate the major cities such as Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This way the military would have released their built up tension and benefit from destroying Japan's economy.

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