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Astronaunt Memorial Wall

            What would you give your life for? Some people say they would die for their children, and many have died for our country. And then there are those who have given their life for the benefit of our space program. Hoping and praying that this mission would not be their last but knowing the risks involved could mean they never come home again. These people have been honored on the Astronaut's wall of remembrance located at Kennedy space visitors center in Florida. Some of these people and their tragic accidents are etched in our minds forever, while some we may not know about. .
             NASA uses -38A as a trainer for astronauts and as an observer/chase plane on such programs as the space shuttle. .
             Many pilots going into the program extensively tested this plane. Between 1964 and 1967 Theodore freeman who was chosen to be an astronaut was the first person to die for the space program, Charles Bassett and Elliot See who were to pilot for the Gemini 9 mission and Clifton Williams who was chosen to be a back up pilot for the Gemini 10 mission all died while training in the T-38A and gave their life to the nation and the space program .
             On January 27, 1967 NASA lost its first crew inside a spacecraft. The crew of 3 aboard Apollo 1 had been doing a test rehearsal for the mission that was scheduled for lift off on February 21st when a fire started in the pure oxygen environment of the command module killing all-on board. The crewmembers died of smoke inhalation, intense heat and suffocated within 18 seconds. The cause of the fire was never determined but caused NASA to review it's safety precautions As a result of the fire, many changes were made to the design, manufacturing, test, and checkout procedures of the vehicles and the management of the entire Apollo program.
             During the early stages of the space program and throughout it NASA used different test planes to find the best designs and to test different equipment for the program.

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