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The Bruggemeyer Memorial Library of Monterey Park

            The Bruggemeyer Memorial Library is a place where children could go and do homework after school, and read books. Adults like to go there to relax and read newspapers or magazines. A lot of teenagers do researches or projects inside the library. The library also provides special programs and activities to help children and adults. They had volunteers helped children with their homework, and taught adults English. .
             The overall shape of the Bruggemeyer Memorial Library of Monterey Park is a long rectangular shape, when looked at the floor plan of the building. It is mainly divided into two sections. The first section was made with higher ceilings which were made in the year of 1959. The second section was made with much lower ceilings that were added in the year of 1979. .
             The proportions of the exterior are about 26,428 square feet wide, 8" to 10" with the lower ceilings on the children's section, and estimate 15" with the higher ceilings on the adult's section. The adult's section is basically the original library, and the children's section was added on in the year of 1979, that's why the heights are different. The rooms mostly have rectangular shapes. (Librarian director references) .
             The library was built near the north side of the Monterey Park City, because it was build close to the main street Garvy Ave. The 2nd reason why it was near the north was because the city expanded while they build many more other buildings in the other sides. (Librarian director references) .
             The exterior of the library was mostly build with brick walls, although some of the interior walls were also made with bricks that were same as the exterior, but other parts of the interior was made with retaining walls. Some of the office was made with wooden walls. The floor was made of concrete slates, and was covered with mixed gray color carpets. .
             The main facade and entrance was emphasized with walkway that leads people to the main door, besides there were no other ways of going into the library with only one entrance.

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