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The Glendale Main Library

            The Main Library is the best public library in the city of Glendale. The first time I was there I went with my son. As we were walking around the building, we saw many peacocks walking free. My son was amazed and wanted to get close to them to admire them closely. As we approached them we saw bushes, trees and flowers that we've never seen before, as well as some beautiful sculptures. When we finally made it inside it was incredible. There's a kids section full of games, computers books, puzzles and many attractions. I never made it through the whole library that first time so then I knew I had to go back to see the rest. The Main Glendale Public Library is an incredible place to go because of its access to knowledge, inspiring environment and historic memorial filled with art.
             The Main library is filled with resources and services to empower the community's access to information and knowledge. The Main library provides access to book loans, computers, internet connection and book sales that are designed to facilitate people's lives. People often go to the Main library because they have free access to tools and services that are found in the same place. In addition, this library has specific sections, such as the kid's area that provides parents with the tools to help stimulate their children while they learn and spend quality time together. Another attribute the Main library has is homework help and laptop loans that are an amazing tool for students. Many students have to travel long distances to go to school and often don't have reliable transportation to go to their school campus for tutoring. Also, students don't always own or have access to computers making it difficult to complete assignments, making this services a great resource to grant their success. It's pretty clear to see that the Main library is focused on cultivating knowledge and education, providing easy access to all this resources and services.

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