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             Education is an important aspect of every child's life, and with education comes school. Students always have issues with school. The administration always try to help students to the best of their abilities. Glendale High School and its students need to compromise on some key issues around school in order to achieve a perfect educational environment.
             Glendale High School owes its students better aspects at the school to satisfy their needs. The students do not have lockers. By adding lockers, students will not have an excuse about bringing their books. Back pains will also decrease with the addition of lockers. Students at school are deprived of parking spaces. A new lot will increase attendance, and tardies. A bridge to the "J" building is missing. Students are tardy because of the traffic in front of the stairs. Less traffic will also lead to a decrease in fights. As the school makes these changes, student moral will rise greatly resulting in better attendance and higher grades.
             After receiving so much from the school, students should give respect to the school. Vandalization is found on the walls and desks at Glendale High School. It is a the way for gangs to mark their territory. They should leave vandalization outside of school. School is not a territory, it is a place of learning. Furthermore, vandalization is a gateway to violence. Most fights at school are for childish reasons. Students should learn about anger management in order to control themselves in those situations. Some students do not respect the school administrators and employees. They have to respect all the hard work employees at school do just to keep them safe. All students should respect the administrators. The least they can do are these three things.

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