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Behavior Essay

             What is behavior? Webster's Dictionary defines a behavior as the response of an individual, group, or species to its environment. Within the environment of a coffee shop, several behaviors are displayed. Depending on the time which customers enter coffee shops, different behaviors are exhibited by the consumers.
             In today's modern coffee shop environment, one common behavior one observes is a relaxed attitude of the shop's customers. After ordering a cup of coffee, a customer has several options within the store. On either side lies a comfortable couch or chair with several easy reading materials. The coffee shop encourages a relaxing environment, and customers are welcome to lounge around and finish the beverage of their choice. Also, the lighting in the store is dim and further induces a peaceful attitude for the customers. On the other hand, Starbucks is a common place for freelance musical artists to perform. As opposed to viewing magazines and books that are scattered around the coffee shop, customers are also invited to listen to the musicians perform. While the outside can be crowded and noisy, the customers staying inside are encouraged to be courteous of the other patrons of the coffee shop. Even the interior customers are forced to keep the environment relatively quiet and soothing. Several factors are taken into account while creating a tranquil environment within a coffee shop in order to please its diverse group of customers.
             While coffee shops go out of their way to create a relaxing environment, it is not uncommon to see them strive to provide convenience for their customers. During peak times such as early morning, or afternoon when several businesses observe their lunch breaks, business men and women come in and expect to be in and out of the store. On the duration of these times, a hurried behavior is exhibited by the coffee shop's customers and they expect a speedy completion of their order.

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