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            If you look in any standered highschool or collage basic biology book you will see the same basic format. Their will be chapters dealing with the cell and it's structure. Sections on plants and the chemical proceses that go into photosynthesis. You can read about the process of meiosis and meitosis and the structure of a DNA molecule! However all this information wasn't always at your fingertips for immediate knowledge gratification. It took years, centuries to be more exact to compile and peace together every part so that a working model of the biological processes we observe could be understood. With each new discovery came a small peace to a puzze as each scientist built upon what had already been done before. This paper highlights some important key discoveries that were necessary for us to understand some key processes today. Along with key biological discovery dates are some other significant dates to give a refrence to what was also taking place in the world at that time.
             Starting off with the 1500's, it is clear that the biological sciences were no were close to what we see them as today. Science was more of a mesh of math physiology, biology, physics and the like. However their were some key events that specific relate to the field of biology we study today. In 1530 a man by the name of Otto Brunfel was one of the original writers of medical bibliographies and is famous for Herbarum vivae Eicones (W.P. Watson 1) This was a bringing together of medical information so it could be refrenced quickly and efficiently. A few years earlier in 1517 Martin Luther had posted his 95 thesis. In addition to this the Native American's cure for scurvy was found in 1535 , and also in 1935 Henry the VIII declared he was head of the Anglican church!.
             Following a similer theme in 1546, Girolamo, Fracastoro was one of the first to explain how diseases were contafious and could be passed on through various vctors (xrefer 1).

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