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Biology Works

            Blood Stem Cells Make Only One Thing - Blood.
             In a recent Stanford University study, adult blood stem cells were unable to turn into other types of tissue cells. As a result, this evidence elevated new doubts about the ultimate value of cells in the treatment of disease.
             After Stanford compiled this study, it seemed to support the notion that embryonic stem cells, not adult stem cells, offer the most guarantee for treating conditions like spinal injury, heart disease, diabetes, and even Parkinson's disease.
             On the other hand, many individuals, including President Bush, resist using human embryonic stem cells in medical research because it involves the death of an embryo.
             The researchers at Stanford strived to trace the evolution of blood stem cells after they placed each one into mice whose bone marrow had previously been destroyed. These researchers hoped that this study would prove how a single blood-making cell could develop into millions of cells and possibly even cells in other tissues of the body.
             However, these researchers found that the blood stem cells replenished the bone marrow, but made no other types of tissue cells. From this particular study, researchers determined that blood stem cells make only one thing, and that is blood. .
             Experts believe stem cells eventually may be cultured into new tissue that work to replace or even repair ailing or diseased organs.
             This article relates to Biology, because all living organisms are composed of cells, and grow on the cellular level. In Biology, one of the major characteristics of life is the composition of cells. .
             In conclusion, this study done by Stanford University researchers wasn't the result they hoped to get. But from their experiment they have drawn an important factor, which is that blood stem cells replenish bone marrow. .

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