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            Sex and relationship are not only the easiest topic to talk about but, in my opinion, is also the hardest topic to understand. With the overemphasis on sexuality in today's society not only in a social setting but in a personal setting as well it is difficult to escape the pressure. Every where you go you hear people saying, you see things that say sex is bad, sex is good, don't have sex. How is one supposed to make their mind up? With sex and relationships come both positive and negative factors. Factors like experiencing sexual attraction to one another, conceiving children, and marriage, to STD's, rape, and sexual abuse. When people go through the process of choosing a mate they cannot say that .
             "chemistry or fate" brought them together these factors that are mentioned above play a big role in their choice. In this paper I will address both the good and the bad things that sexuality has played and what I would change.
             Even before we know what sex was we are confronted with it in the way of gender expectations. We can see them portrayed in many aspects of life. In early childhood we are distinguished by what we play with such as boy's plays with trucks girls with dolls, boys get muddy girls put on makeup. If children are exposed to these expectations so early how can we get rid of these expectations? These will be passed from generation to generation as they have been in the past, and all they can say is this is how we were raised. Another example where these expectations are portrayed is in the entertainment industry. They know that sex sales and it portray actors and models that are considered buff and rock hard abs and perfect curves. These actors are portrayed as "perfect" therefore these are the people we look up to and people we would want to be with. But it seems like their telling us if we ever want to be with these people we have to look like this. Everyone one wants a "perfect" mate and therefore set high standards.

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