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Life's Little Challenges

            Up to this point in my life, 16 years old, I thought I had life pretty good. No worries ever really troubled my teenager mind. Everything I could possible want; I had. I had the perfect teenager life. At least, I thought I did. Grades never looked better. I had just received the MVP award from the State of Louisiana when my school won the state championship baseball game that spring of 1990. I thought I even had the best girl friend. It seemed everyone wanted to date my girl friend. Her dad and brother were very popular at the time. Her dad was the morning disc jockey for the local radio station there in Shreveport, LA. Her brother, Kenny Wayne Sheppard, was making a name for himself singing and playing the guitar like Jimmy Hendrix did back in the late 60's. Everything just seemed like it was going the way I wanted it to. Until that one morning where everything just seemed to fall apart.
             That Sunday morning, I headed out to see Penny. On the way back home, I decided to stop off and grab a quick bite to eat. Then it all happened. Wam! I just hit the back of a SUV with my father's pick-up truck. Luckily for the other driver, it did no damage because my truck hit his spare tire that was on the back of his vehicle. Thus totaling out my father's pickup truck. This wouldn't have been so bad if I had the been on the right side of town. I had told my parents earlier that morning that I was going to church and I would be back home a little after 12 o"clock that afternoon. Church was on the west side of town, and I was on the far east side of it when I had the accident. When the call first came in from the police to my parents so that could pick me up, they couldn't believe it. I just knew I was going never going to hear the end of it from my father. The look on his face when he arrived at the accident concluded my assumption of fear. Although he never spoke a word at that time to me, I knew I was in for a ride of my life with him.

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