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             Throughout our lives we encounter different experiences that challenge us. This testing could be physical, intellectual, or emotional. These challenging situations give us experiences and knowledge that we learn from and keep with us throughout our lives.
             In the essay "Deep in North America" Stephen Osborne writes about an experience Hugh Brody told of in his book, The Other Side of Eden. The experience starts with a group of Innu men along with Broody who went on a hunting trip. After being out on the land for a while the group encounter broken sea ice which made it difficult for them to hunt and to continue travelling with the dog sleds. A blizzard struck and caused them to stop and take shelter. During this time they ran out of food. When they continued on their trip they had a hard time because they had no food themselves and were getting weak as were the dogs. At one point one of the men who was acting as Brody's teacher told Brody that they might not make it home. This shocked Brody with a since of fear. They had gone many days with little to no food and he had never realized the danger. The whole time his companions continued their positive attitudes. They did end up making it safely to their destination, and Brody was said to have become Innu. .
             Although not all of our experiences are quite as serious as Brody's we all learn something from them like Brody learn to live like the Innu. Personal experiences are building blocks that mould us into the adult we are to become. Our choices with these tests can change our lives drastically. .
             I have a beautiful and very independent 2 and a half year old daughter who turned to me one day last week and said "Thank you for having me Mommy". Although she might not have meant it this way she hit home with the biggest challenge so far in my life. .
             In the fall of my grade twelve year I discovered I was pregnant. It was very clear to me from the start that I was going to have and keep my baby.

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