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Burning The American Flag

            Burning the American Flag is a slap in the face.
             Thousands of men and women have died for the idea that the United States of America flag stands for. The burning of the flag is only done to anger and sadden on lookers. This one piece of cloth means much more than the eye sees, to burn it shows ignorance and a disregard for the American society. Burning the flag is a way of destroying the symbol of everything this country fought for since the American Revolution. .
             No American has the right to burn the flag. Someone who chooses to do so needs be reminded of where he or she lives, they do not realize how lucky and fortunate they are to be where they are. Starting with the American Revolution to present day in Iraq, the flag has been what pushes men and women to fight for our country. Surely if any man or woman who died in war saw some individual burning the United States flag because he wanted to prove his or her point and make others mad would be a slap in the face to them. Men and women's blood has been shed for us, can we at least show that what they fought for is still going and not burned to ashes. .
             In 1942 Congress adopted a uniform code for displaying, raising, lowering, and caring for the flag. What is the point of this code if people aren't going to abide by it. Why should anyone respect the code of the flag when they know that next door someone is burning it. .
             The issue of whether or not the desecration of the flag should be legal or not has been up in the air for many years. Every once in a while it is brought around to the House of Representatives where it is voted on. The opposing side to making the burning of the flag legal say that it is their right. They say that since there is free speech in America than it should not be taken away. The only message that the burning or desecrating of the flag puts out is anger. Instead of spreading love, it spreads hate.

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