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            Carbon, an element discovered before history itself, is one of the most abundant elements in the universe. It can be found in the sun, the stars, comets, and the atmospheres of most of planets. There are close to ten million known carbon compounds, many of thousands of which are vital to the basis of life itself. (web site #1) .
             Carbon occurs in many forms of nature. One if it's purest forms is diamond. Diamond is the hardest substance known on earth. Although diamonds found in nature are colorless and transparent, wen combined with other elements it's color can range from pastels to black. Diamond is a poor conductor of eat and electricity. Until 1955 the only sources of diamond were found in deposits of volcanic origin. Since the scientists have found ways to make diamond from graphite and other synthetic materials. Diamonds of true gem quality are not made in this way. ( Beggott Ch. 3-4) .
             Graphite is another form of carbon. It occurs as a mineral in nature, but it can be made artificially from amorphous carbon. One of the main uses for graphite is for it's lubricating qualities. Another is for the lead in pencils. Graphite is used as a heat resistant material an electricity conductor. It is also used in nuclear reactors as a lubricator. (Kinoshita 119-127) Amorphous carbon is a deep black powder tat occurs in nature as a component of coal. It may be obtained artificially from almost any organic substance by eating the substance to very high temperatures without air. Using this method, coke is produced from coal, and charcoal is produced from wood. Amorphous carbon is the most reactive from carbon. Because amorphous carbon burns easily in air, it is used as a combustion fuel. The most important uses for amorphous carbon are as a filler for rubber and as a black pigment in paint.(web site # 2) .
             There are two kinds of carbon compounds. The first is inorganic. Inorganic compounds are binary compounds of carbon with metals or metal carbides.

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