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Chronicles Of The Crusades

            King Louis, a servant of God, may just be close to perfection. What can make a king worthy to be called a Saint? King Louis character is documented by Jean, Lord of Joinville, and Seneschal of Champagne covering the time of pilgrimage with the king in a six year period. This third-person depiction of a king was an observation that aimed to enlighten the person who reads it. .
             Being in third-person, it is obvious that Joinville respected the character of the king with repetitive compliments of goodness and kind acts. Even though I wasn't there 750 years ago, I am compelled to understand this noble character. In spending six years with the king, Joinville definitely knows the king. His biased opinion of him proves that any small discrepancy in the kings behavior according to his bias would be brought out. I believe Joinville and I wish to consider King Louis to be a great man in history. .
             Joinville sought to narrate this journey with the king as well as elaborate on the king's benevolence. He would approve of the king by reflecting on him showing his temperance in both words of wisdom and in his acts.
             The king loved truth and was temperate in speech. His words were of saintly influence as shown in the instruction written for his son. He told his son to "set his heart to love God; for without that no one can be saved. If God sends you adversity, accept it patiently, and give thanks for it to our Saviour. Pray to God with your heart as well as you lips."" His written instruction is so insightful but that isn't the only place he has shown himself. Joinville tells of the king's explanation of "wise men."" He says that they "deal with their possessions as executors ought to do, applying remaining money to charitable purposes."" King Louis shows a great example of Christianity through his words but can words be enough? Joinville doesn't just show the kings words but also expresses the kings actions as well.

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