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How the Hebrews Have Impacted the World Through the Ages

             The Hebrews, more commonly known as Jews, have impacted the world in many different ways throughout the ages. Some of the things they impacted were not even set about by them. Their very existence in this world has had an impact, which is pretty impressive if I do say so myself. Some of the areas in which they have impacted the world are their religion, their military conquest (although that was a far time back in history), and even their very existence.
             The Jews impacted the world with religion in many different ways. Abraham/Abram, the first Jew, has his story told in the Old Testament/Torah book of Genesis. God told him that he and his wife would have a son. Being around one hundred years old at the time, and having a wife that was in her nineties, this took a lot of faith to believe. Unfortunately, Sarai/Sarah, his wife, had a slight lapse of faith. She told Abraham to lay with her maidservant, Hagar. With Hagar, Abraham had a son whom they named Ishmael. Ishmael has come to mean "a person who is rejected from society or home" because of what happened to him and his mother. They were sent away by Abraham because Sarah told him to.
             Abraham and Sarah, at one point, did have a son together, whom they named Isaac. Isaac carried on the Israelite/Jewish/Hebrew faith, whereas Ishmael became the "father" of all Muslims. This "sibling rivalry", as it were, is why there is why there is continued strife between the Jews and Muslims to this very day. That just goes to show how one little incident in history can have an enormous impact nearly six thousand years later.
             But, that is only one way in which they impacted the world through religion. Another way is when they were put into slavery under the Egyptians, which is chronicled in the Old Testament/Torah and the Egyptian records. Unlike what is commonly believed, the Jews were used in the building of temples, not the pyramids. The pyramids were built long before the Jews were put into captivity.

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