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Comparison of Two Creations

             There are many differences between the Hebrew and Japanese creation stories. Many of these differences are because of theology and culture. But there are also some similarities. This paper will compare and contrast the two stories. The two stories are: Hebrew Creation Story and A Japanese Creation Story Nihongi. .
             The Hebrew story and the Japanese story are the same in that they both have two humans being created. The Hebrew story has Adam and Eve and the Japanese story has Izanagi-no-Mikoto and Izanami-no-Mikoto. They both create a male and female to reproduce and have children. But the difference is that in the Japanese story. They reproduce and create countries and gods. They are like what God is in our creation story.
             Another difference is that in the Japanese creation story Heaven and Earth where connected. They where called In and Yo in which both contained divine beings. Unlike the Hebrew story in which divine beings where just in Heaven. Also God only created Earth. But in the Japanese creation story the two humans created it. They gave birth to everything on earth. .
             Also in the Hebrew story God created night and day. But in the Japanese story the sun goddess decided when night and day would occur. She had hidden herself in a rock cave and a powerful deity had to force her to leave it. This is very unlike the Hebrew story, because a sun was created to tell night from day. .
             A similarity between the two stories is that they both have a devil. In the Hebrew story it is the snake but in the Japanese story it is Sosa-no-wo-no-Mikoto. He was created by the humans, and was an evil God. He had a fierce temper and liked to commit cruel acts. He was the Hebrew stories devil; he ended up being sent to the Nether-Land. This was the place, which in our bible is known as hell.
             In conclusion there are many similarities and differences between creation stories. In depends on the culture and religion.

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