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Cognative Learning

             Classic conditioning is a basic form of learning, which is involuntary. First you have Unconditioned Stimulus. This is when the stimulus that causes a reflex or emotional response without any learning or conditioned required. Second you have Unconditioned Response(UR). This is when a reflex response evoked by a stimulus without any learning required. The third you have Conditioned Stimulus, which then becomes Conditioned Response. The neutral stimulus becomes learned response (Conditioned Response).
             Unconditioned Stimulus- My Unconditioned stimulus that I am going to be using is ice cream. It is a source of food, and especially a favorite for little kids. .
             Unconditioned Response- My unconditioned Response was salivating.
             Conditioned Stimulus- After numerous times of hearing and seeing an ice cream truck I finally paired all those observations with ice cream.
             Conditioned Response- I then learned a response to a previously neutral stimulus through the repeated parings. The two pairings where the sound of the music and the site of the ice cream truck. So then my conditioned stimulus then becomes a learned response. .
             Operant Conditioning.
             Operant Conditioning- Learning based on consequences: behavior is strengthened if followed by reinforcement and diminished if followed by punishment. .
             My topic that I will be using is sibling rivalry. My mother would try to stop us both from fighting, but is impossible for her to always be around when an argument accrues. After awhile my mother would send me to my room and be upset with me. My sister was never punished because she was the one always getting hurt. After time she stopped punishing me because I told her she wasnt fare. She couldnt bring herself to punish my sister since after the fight she was usually crying even though she started the fight. Since they was no real punishment and no real reinforcement so there was always another fight. Obviously as we got older we grew out of it.

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