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             There are many questions surrounding the subject of murders. Are murders a product of our society and can they be held responsible for their actions. What is a social conscience? Are some murders justified? War? My point of view is that murders cannot blame society for their wrong doings and really have no one to blame but themselves. A social conscience is the ability to determine what is right and wrong when dealing with other people, or to know what behavior is acceptable pertaining to others. I believe it is possible for a murder to be justified. There are situations of war time, or even people in law enforcement, where it is your job to be able to use deadly force. I hope to answer these questions and more concerning this controversial topic. .
             Are murderers a product of our society and can they be held responsible for their actions? I'm going to answer this in two parts. Murders are not a product of our society. Our world may not always be kind or pure, but it gives no one the right to go out and kill others. People say that they were raised in a bad home or abused while a child, well, not all of the people that have been abused are out on the streets killing other. No one tells us it is O.K. to kill. There are a lot of things that anger others, but that doesn't mean they can pick up a gun or knife and kill.
             Can they be held responsible for there actions? Of course they can and should be. There is no reason for them to be excluded from punishment. Some of these people may need help, look at Jeffrey Dahmer. This man was extremely sick, but he still needed to be held responsible for the horrible things that he had done.
             What is a social conscience? A social conscience is what all of us are equipped with, that lets us know what behavior is acceptable. Obviously these people must have a conscience. If they didn't, they would never try to hide the things they have done or flee from a crime scene.

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