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Winston's 1st Diary Entry vs. Collateral Murder

            In both Winston's diary and the visual clip, there are innocent people killed. In Winston's diary, the location is the sea and helicopters are targeting the innocent people on the ship, some of them are drowning and dying. Whereas in the visual clip it's happening on solid ground and the targeted people are weaponized but are also getting shot without even using their weapons yet but we don't know whether they're innocent or if they have killed others before and now revenge is being taken.
             The audience in Winston's diary and the soldiers in collateral murder are being amused because they got used to seeing people dying in front of them that it doesn't affect them anymore and they don't feel bad about it or guilty. They think or have been told that the people they're killing are the enemy and it doesn't matter whether they're men, women or kids and as long as it's people from the enemy's side getting killed then their reaction is very similar to the reaction of spectators attending a sporting event cheering and applauding.
             In both the visual clip and the text, the innocent people targeted and murdered had no chance to defend themselves and it wasn't fair because it wasn't a fair fight they were just being targeted and shot without having weapons to shoot back and protect themselves. From that we can understand that the point of this was just to kill them and not to have a fair fight. In the visual clip even when an ambulance came to rescue the man and save him before he died, the soldiers just shot the ambulance car and the two other men in it because they didn't want anyone to be rescued or healed and they need all bodies on ground so they can have the body count of how many people they killed. Meanwhile in the text the helicopters were targeting the fat man the most and just kept on shooting him till he drowned and died although he was innocent.
             In the text, there were kids witnessing everything happening and some of them were getting injured and shot but in the visual clip there weren't any kids.

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