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1984 by George Orwell

             From telescreens to daily hate rituals, Totalitarianism imposes its omnipresence on every individual. With constant exploitations of psychological and physical manipulations to control all aspects of life, it is the perfect dystopian. In George Orwell's 1984, the narrative in 3rd person limited portrays a "Negative Utopia- that exists under oppressive shadows of absolute power. The narrative grants an observer's perspective while the partial 1st person's view through Winston Smith's eyes focuses on one's response to unbounded dictatorship. Ultimately, both views prophesize the destruction of individual freedom, with an objective to warn against imminent Totalitarian dangers in North America. Winston's mental collapse and progression towards complete capitulation to the Party exemplifies the extremity of Totalitarianism's grasps. 1984 evokes fear against such dictatorship and urges to deny its existence before all resistance becomes futile. .
             Passage 1 (Pg 50).
             The metaphorical devices successfully conveyed, what I thought to be, a universal truth - that during moments of crisis, one's main opponent is himself. The statement's validity remains for people of all ages, races, genders. In addition, I thought the syntax would be interesting to expand on. .
             Winston's unorthodox reaction to Totalitarian exposure is revealed through syntax, infused with effective detailing. Orwell paints a hue of irony cast upon the dominating tone of agitation. Irony soon dissolves into bitterness as Winston continues to contemplate the unconscionable truths.
             A cursory glance at the syntax compels the audience to identify with the frustration of living with tyrannical mandates that control every aspect of life. Brief and direct sentences initiate the passage. However, the agitation quickly heightens as the syntax shifts to elongated sentences convoluted with numerous phrases. Increasing complexity in sentence structure mirror Winston's ironic recognition of man's own body as the prime impediment in battle.

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