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Reaction to George Orwell's 1984

            In George Orwell's American Classic called "1984" explains how the perfect utopian society would come out to be. It also explores how government corruptions and power comes to play a huge role in George Orwell's dystopia society. As of government corruptions in the novel 1984, the government altered anything they could to prevent the timeline from opposing their totalitarian ideology. Winston Smith did not believe in altering the past timeline in order to satisfy "The Big Brother." In the United States, we aren't like some 3rd world countries that follow a totalitarian lifestyle. .
             George Orwell's dystonic novel 1984, made me feel like the United States is not as free as you think it is. For an example, freedom of speech is not absolute and it allows everyone to think twice about what they do/say, when they say it or do it and where they say/do it. Language isn't freely accessible at any location because of specific precautions. For instance, you would not be able to scream fire in a movie theater, scream "Hi, Jack" in an airport or yell bomb on a train because it would cause chaos. Majority of the time, you would have to consider your surroundings before letting your thoughts out into the public. .
             Also in 1984, there is a setting of government freedom issues that relate to my world because of the internet. Based on recent news articles, October 25th 2012, "NYPD officer conspired to kidnap, cook and eat women." The police officer wrote on a fantasy forum about kidnapping, cooking and eating women. Nobody entirely knows if it would have happened or not, but for precautions and safety issues, he was proven guilty by the judge. Many of these cases and articles can be changed or re-written. For instance, they can change the name of the police officer in this article or even wipe out the existence of it merely because of the NYPD reputation. The NYPD's reputation has to be protected at all cost because they're operating under specific government commands.

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