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Mary Maloney and Murder

            Murder has always been a huge issue in the world. First degree, second degree and manslaughter are three ways murder can be categorized. May it please the court, your honor, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, counsel, my name is Iyciss Troyer. I am an attorney who has been appointed to represent Patrick Maloney, deceased husband of Mary Maloney. Mary Maloney is now on trial for the convicted murder of her husband Patrick Maloney. In this report I will be proving that Mary Maloney is guilty of second degree murder. There are many examples of why Mary Maloney is guilty of second degree murder. One example is "heat of passion". According to CBC news, second degree murder is a deliberate killing carried out without planning that does not fall under any of the categories of first degree murder. Mary Maloney's behaviour demonstrated extreme recklessness, disregard, and malice. Mrs Maloney did not plan to kill her husband but her showing recklessness means she was pursuing a course action while consciously disregarding the fact. This crime was "mens reas" which means there was no harm intended until she got furious and hit Patrick at the back of the head with a lamb leg instantly killing him.
             Second example why Mary Maloney is guilty of second degree murder is because she used the leg of lamb to kill her husband then slowly got rid of it. Mrs Maloney went downstairs to get something to cook for her and Patrick but when she got back upstairs he reminds her that he is leaving and says it won't be necessary to cook for him. She then got mad and unintentionally hit her husband at the back of the head with the leg of lamb using enough force to kill him. While the police came in to try and solve the murder case, Mary offered the police officers the cooked leg of lamb that she made after killing her husband with it. The police officers were unaware that they were eating the murder weapon.

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