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Comapring Lord Of The Rings To Old English Times

            The classic story Lord of the Rings, written by John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, inspired many reader's imagination while giving them a taste of not only fantasy but Old English history as well. As an Old English Professor, the author portrayed many elements drawn from this very first period of English Literature. As a result, an atmosphere of good and evil, typical of Old English, permeates throughout this work of fiction. In such a setting lived the Old English-like hobbits who spoke an Old English- inspired language and practiced Old English customs.
             The setting of Lord of the Rings has an Old English quality, typically one were good and evil is fought. In the novel, the setting changes many times, from "frightening underworlds to magical prairie like scenes"1 that symbolizes goodness. The book takes place in Middle Earth, which is described by Tolkien as a mysterious place full of acts of righteousness and wickedness. Example of a places where bad behaviors occurs are evidently the Mount of Doom, Rohan Forest, the Mines of Moria2 and the deep dark forest at night fall. Mist, Rain and gloomy are all characteristics of these murky atmosphere. On the other hand, Tolkien creates a peaceful environment. Examples of calm tranquil surroundings are found in the author's description of the Forest of Lothorien, home of the elves and the hills of the Shire where the hobbits live and where an atmosphere described by Tolkien as "A primitive state of existence, untouched and uninfluenced by civilization or artificiality"3: and "Partially dark, especially dismal and dreary"4 reigns. The nature of both places symbolizes goodness. These two settings of good and evil confront each other throughout the story, as seen more clearly through the personalities of the inhabitants.
             The hobbits live in the peaceful hills of the Shire. They are a breed of miniature people with "pointy ears whose height range is between two and four feet tall.

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