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Consumer Marketing

            I am a 23 year-old white male from rural West Virginia. I can be categorized in the family life cycle in "young singles," for I am not married nor do I have any children. I am an adaptable person, highly motivated, with a great need for achievement. I have some traits of defensiveness and a need for stability that is less than average. I perceive myself as a person of above average intelligence, whom is active, athletic and also somewhat successful. I like to believe that I am not an aesthete person, yet I am concerned with my physical appearance and health, and workout regularly for these reasons. I am an optimist, and strive to be a complacent person. I have an active lifestyle, a love for sports and competition, and have several varying interests. Among my most frequent activities are lifting weights, snowboarding, playing football, racquetball, chess and I also have a green thumb.
             The ideal vehicle for my personality is a sport utility vehicle. An SUV appeals to my youthful and active personality traits. Although this vehicle class may fulfill desires of meeting my self perception of being rugged person, for myself, an SUV would also be a feasible automobile. I snowboard, therefore 4x4 would prove useful on snowboarding trips. Also, being from a rural area, the "opportunity" to venture off-road in my vehicle my present itself. Another use for an SUV would be when my girlfriend and I take her boat or jet-ski to a lake, with an SUV I wouldn't need to borrow her parents vehicle. I feel like an SUV is more of a want than a need. I do need the an SUV for the stated reasons but these needs have been met in the past by other means and could continue to be met without purchasing a new sport utility vehicle. Also, the basic need of transportation has already been met by my mid-size car. .
             By conducting an internal information search I recall that a close friend has a SUV, which I have driven several times.

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