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America's Affirmative Action Program

             An original document which would open the doors to equality amongst all Americans. The Civil Rights Act started what would later become America's affirmative Action programs. Affirmative action is listed in the Civil Rights Act as exactly that; action which is taken swiftly and sternly. The document states that all people of America will be treated equally regardless of race, religion, nation of origin, or gender. It also contains information saying that employees who are terminated will have affirmative action used to place them back to their place of employment with or without back pay. Affirmative action is a way to redress past grievances.
             Chronicle of Higher Education. "Using Class Rank: Who Makes It and Who Doesn't." Chronicle of Higher Education 46.39 (2000).
             A research article conducted using two high schools in California and Florida to show how using class rank as automatic admittance into state universities is not the best plan. The research article uses 6 students to demonstrate how in some areas of the country class ranking for college admittance will not promote fairness or equality to the students. The article gives academic information on the students including class rank, G.P.A., ACT & SAT scores, senior-year classes, A.P. courses completed, last book read, and then a comment from the student on their future college plans. .
             Granesh, Earl G. "The Other Affirmative Action." Black Enterprise May. 2002.
             An article presented in Black Enterprise which speaks of legacy admissions into universities. The paper was written by an African American in response to President George Bush's stand on affirmative action (especially since the highly publicized Michigan State Case). The author claims the President Bush's stand on affirmative action is unjustified due to the fact that he received the same sort of treatment in admissions to Yale being that his father was a prestigious alumnus as well as Bush's grandfather.

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