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Coral Reefs And Remote Sensing

            This is a paper about Coral reefs and remote sensing. First, I will give some background information on coral reefs. Secondly, I will explain how satellite imagery is used and the application of remote sensing for coral reef management. Thirdly, I will give a brief background over the rising concerns of coral reef management and the steps that have been taking over the last ten years to establish better management and conservation measures using remote sensing. Fourthly, I will show why we need to be sure that we are using remote sensing to promote wise costal practices in so far as coral reefs. .
             Coral reef color essentially refers to digital remote sensing of coral reefs. The most common application of remote sensing in coral reef environments is geomorphological mapping. This is because, historically sensor capabilities have been sufficient to identify only broad reef zones such as for reef, reef flat, and back reef. Improvements in sensor spatial and spectral resolutions are facilitating the use of remote sensing to identify and map biological features on reefs. To date, this has been the limit of coral reef remote sensing.
             Coral reefs, and their associated systems of mangroves and sea grasses, are the world's most biologically diverse marine ecosystems. Important assets to local and national economies, they provide fisheries for food, materials for new medicines, and income from tourism and recreation, as well as protect coastal communities. .
             Coral reefs are some of the oldest ecosystems on earth. Built by a variety of coral and other species that secrete skeletons of calcium carbonate that accumulate over time, coral reefs can grow to be massive structures extending over wide areas of shallow topical and subtropical area. Reef building corals contain tiny cells of symbiotic algae that convert sunlight and nutrients into fuel for coral growth and production. Because they depend on light, coral reefs require clear water for growth and can be severely damaged by sediment or other factors that reduce water clarity or quality.

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